Product recommendations: beetroot supplements

Kyle Steinmeyer

Founder of Thrive Football.

We are all looking for any edge we can get on the pitch. That's why it has become increasingly popular for athletes to implement beetroot into their diet. For more information on beetroot and it's benefits, check out our article How Beetroot Boosts Your Performance.

You can add beetroot to your diet in a variety of ways. Some people prefer to drink pure beet juice. Others prefer supplements like a pure beet juice powder mix, capsules, or a powder mix including other performance boosting ingredients.

Let's get to it. Here are our favorite supplements to add beetroot to your diet:


A pure all natural beet juice powder founded by a professional cyclist. Every beet is tested and must meet purity and nitrate standards before it is juiced and turned into powder. There are no added synthetic nitrates like some other powders. All the beets used are grown, dehydrated, and also packaged in the US. Pure clean powder is an excellent choice for pure beet juice powder.


A simple, low cost alternative to add pure beet root to your diet. Although it will not be a potent as pure beet juice powder, it is certainly still effective as a natural source of nitrates!

3. Beet root capsules by nusa pure

For those of your that don't enjoy the taste of beet root powder, but still want to implement it into your diet, these beet root capsules are the perfect tasteless solution! This supplement does not contain fillers or artificial flavoring.

4. Clean n.o. booster by type zero

Now on to the third way to add beet into your diet, a supplement mix. Clean N.O. Booster is a caffeine free pre-workout combining  L Arginine and Citrulline Malate, Beet Root Powder, Beta Alanine, & pure Apple Cider Vinegar. Beta Alanine is a common pre-workout ingredient that gives you a very tingly feeling (don't be alarmed). It can really help you through a tough gym or sprint workout, but I wouldn't recommend consuming Beta Alanine before practice or a game.

5. Beet root powder+ by havasu nutrition

A powerful supplement mix combining beet root powder and Havasu Nutrition's Peak O2 mushroom blend created to maximize your endurance and boost your recovery. Clinical studies have shown that Peak O2 successfully increases athlete's time to fatigue. 

Keep in mind, not all beet supplements are made the same. There is a difference between beet juice powder and beet root powder. Beet juice powder typically uses beets that are juiced and then dehydrated using a cold-temperature process to create a mild-tasting, nutritionally dense product. Each serving of beet root juice can contain from 6 to 10 beets. A beet root powder is typically a high-temperature pulverized powder so the nutrients and nitrates are not concentrated. Since it is only one step and less concentrated beetroot powder is much less expensive.

Don't get hung up on beets per serving with beet juice as that can vary. If you look on the label of each product of beet juice powder, the potassium contents will all be about the same. The key factor to consider is the nitrate content per serving. Organic and high nitrate are critical!

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