Member Benefits

75% Off All Products

Since you are working with us to release the best products in the world, you will be rewarded by receiving 75% off every single product that we launch! (We plan on launching at least 8 products this year, including a $50 product in mid March that you get for $12.50).


You get to tell us exactly what you need from us to help you become a better player. We are here for you and will strive to provide you with any product or service that gets you closer to Total Player Optimization.

Early Access

You will get early access to every single product launch. We will notify each group member 1 to 2 days before officially launching. You will also know what products we are launching months in advance so we can perfect them before offering them to the rest of the world.


You will become a trusted partner of Thrive Football. As a trusted partner, we will always keep you up to date on anything cool we are working on.

Why would we do this?

As you know, Thrive Football was created to provide you with everything you could possibly need to THRIVE on the pitch. So, we wanted to create a closed group to give a select group of trusted players the opportunity to join us on our journey of producing products and services that help players optimize their game. We will use your recommendations to decide what to launch next, changes we should make to current and future products, and much more. We need you to help us create the best products in the world.

Want to join?

There are two ways to become a Thrive Insider:

Option 1: Pay the membership fee

  • You may join the group by paying a one time flat fee of $99.99.

Option 2: Prove you are serious about joining us by completing all of the following requirements:

I don't know about you, but I'd would rather go with option two instead of paying a membership fee.


  • Purchase each new product released. As we said, you get 75% off, so it is really a no brainer. Even though we will lose money, having you join us in our efforts to create the best products is worth it.
  • Post a photo or video review on Amazon and the Total Player Optimization group for each new product. Players really rely on your reviews to pick the best products, by reviewing our new releases, you save players the hassle of dealing with all of the low quality products out there on the market.
  • Consistently engage with us in the Thrive Insiders group when we ask for your feedback. Your guidance is vital to us and we need you to give us advice on how we can help you become a better player and reach your goals.

Once you have completed the requirements, request to join the Thrive Insiders group. Make sure to answer all the questions so we can verify that you have completed the requirements. We will check both Amazon and the Total Player Optimization group and admit you once we have confirmed. 

Remember, by joining the group, you commit to following the rules or risk being kicked. If you do not purchase new products (at 75% off), review them on Amazon, and participate in the Thrive Insiders group, you will be kicked out of the group. 

This may sound harsh but getting proper guidance on our current and future products is crucial and not something for us to joke around with. It's a serious matter, and we would love for you to join us!

Your first step: purchase our first product and leave a photo or video review once you get it!

The first product

Thrive Football Speed and Agility Training Set - The ultimate training kit to boost your speed & agility on the pitch. The set is complete with a 15 Foot Agility Speed Ladder, 12 Optimized Training Cones, 4 Metal Stakes, and a Thrive Carrying Bag.